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Hi, I’m Alex, I recently completed a PhD in Applied Psychology at the University of Nottingham. I want to use this blog to:

1) Provide some tutorials and advice on all things psychology (and statistics), because I wish I could have had some down to Earth, simple advice when I was an undergraduate.
2) To provide an outlet for what I am doing during in my research.

I hope I can help people with this blog, if you have any specific questions please get in touch and I will try my best to help you out.

You can find my research profiles at;

20 thoughts on “Front Page

    1. Hi, Lionaroundwriting, thank you for the support, I hope to get onto stats stuff soon, let me know if theres anything specific you’d like me to look at.

  1. Awesome to see someone else has the same idea. I’m wrapping up my masters in clinical psych before starting my Phd/PsyD in clinical. If you would ever like a sounding board or want to trade resources, please drop me a line. Good luck in your studies!

  2. Hey! it is great do research, I just finished my MSc in sociology from the University of Jos Nigeria and I am awaiting the next admission session to start my Phd. Research and statistics are my favourite and I am blogging on them. teaching SPSS has been my hobby before I thought starting my blog. We can keep in touch and put heads together. My blog in

  3. Congrats on being on the road to your PhD! Have to show support for fellow Psychology students! I’m hoping to do a masters in Psych myself next year after my undergrad.

  4. I became aware of you thanks to the fact that you “liked” a post on ADDandSoMuchMore (and thanks for THAT, btw). HOWEVER, it took some sleuthing to find your blog. Consider adding the blog address to your Gravitar Profile – it will then “backfill” any other place you left a like or a comment, so that others can find you too.

    Best of luck staying sane and avoiding sleep debt as you journey toward you Ph.D — and KEEP IN TOUCH!! If there is anything you write about that is “related content” for anything on my blog, leave a link in the comments section.

    I must approve all links, but I will AS LONG AS I see it. More than one “live” link per comment and Akismet will toss you in the spam-trash, where there is simply too much link-spam for me to sift through. So keep it to one “live” link per comment — leave any others in “code” – i.e., leave off the h-t-t-p part, use “at” instead of @ – etc.

    I’m looking forward to all that YOU contribute to this bb of a planet we inhabit together.
    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CMC, SCAC, MCC
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    (blogs: ADDandSoMuchMore, ADDerWorld & ethosconsultancynz – dot com)
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

    1. Hi Madelyn,

      Thanks for the like and the advice, I have now added my wordpress address to my gravatar profile. If I write anything that relates to what your writing ill be sure to link it to you, likewise if you do the same that would be great. Ill be sure to follow you.


  5. It’s nice to see like-minded people sharing their thoughts and views on a subject that’s close to my heart. If I ever need input on something I’m working on, I’ll certainly consider contacting you. That offer works both ways, you so you know.

    Good luck with your Phd.

  6. Thank you for making this blog! I’ll definitely follow your blog. Looking forward to learn lots of psychology from you!
    I want to study psychology too, when I’m old enough to study!

  7. I don’t know if I posted before hehe but I am starting off my undergrad in psych. I do wish you the best in your phd, also have you worked in anything with undergrad or you have any tips for new beginners?

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